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Anime Style Cosmo n Wanda by paradoxal Anime Style Cosmo n Wanda by paradoxal
Check it out, I finally got around to doing this!

Last one for 2003, I'll see you all next year! ^^!

(The real Cosmo & Wanda © Butch Hartman, Nickelodeon!)
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devorah-34 Featured By Owner May 20, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
very pretty
GambitMojo Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
cozmo is gettin his ! OWWW!
lagunarok Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this couple.

Good job
LadyKakata Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006
So very sweet, excellent colouring as well as style!
Porcelain-Postmortem Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006
Aww they make such a lovely couple. The pose makes it so lovey. <3
HikaruNekomimi Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2006
Loooooove!! <3 I love this so much! ^^ Cosmo & Wanda look so adorable together. <3 This goes into my faves, yup yup. 8)
BlueSerenity Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Great Look!
StrawberryHedgehog Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2004   Writer
Awesomeness!!! *glomps teh Cosmo* :D :+fav:
jokirkpatrick Featured By Owner May 2, 2004
Aw, they're so adorable. And I love Wanda's hair. She looks like she was an 80's chick! They're both so adorable and I love your style for them. Amazing work!
White-Wolfen Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2004
Aww, Cosmo and Wanda in anime style! Very nice! This is such a sweet and touching piece. Here we have Cosmo looking as innocent as my cat after he knows he's done something wrong but tries looking cute to make it like he did nothing, and Wanda... sitting atop his lap with her arms around Cossie. You know they love each other so much, even if it's just a cartoon. :)

Bravo coloring and excellent work with creating the poses! It looks like it was quite hard to do. I've got to compliment you on making Wanda and Cosmo still look like the characters from the anime. ^_^ You did a smashing job with their hair and clothing. From what I can see, this was all colored using marker... marker's so permanent. Kudos to you! Markers scare me, haha. ^^; Anywho, what strikes me as darned near difficult as coloring with markers is how you were able to color the pants without them blending together. You separated them perfectly with the white lines. So grand!

Something that just pops out at me, though, has to be the shading and highlights. They're well done, and with the way you did them almost makes this look watercolorish. Certainly a neat effect! And that chair, I can't forget about that! You drew and colored it very well. I'm quite impressed with its coloring because you made it look like real wood.

All in all, certainly one of the best pieces of Cosmo and Wanda fan-art I've ever seen. :thumbsup:
paradoxal Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2004
Cartoons and anime are pretty close to being the same thing anyway, right? ^^ I'm pretty proud of the pose in this one, myself. Especially since it was done without any pictures of poses to look off of. Really I think I drew this three times before getting this one. This one was the best.

(Markers ARE scary! lol!)
White-Wolfen Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2004
Ur, I meant "I've got to compliment you on making Wanda and Cosmo still look like the characters from the cartoon", not anime. ^^;
bradsgurl Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2004
OMFG I LUV IT!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG!!! Okay... settle down.... Man, I'm :+fav: this one!!!
Jasmeralda Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2004
I thiught I had commented on this before, but I guess not =) But I love it!!! I love FOP Cosmo is my fave!!! They look cutein anime style! Great job! =)
GoblinQueeen Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2004
That's so fab! I love it ;)
TheArtrix Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
That's a really nice anime addaption of Cosmo and Wanda, very good indeed. I really like this one, it's just very well executed and nice to look at. Teh greatz!!
Elera Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2004
OMG! That's beautiful and gorgeous! :aww: Cosmo and Wanda are pretty much my favorite couple, I have to admit. ^^; Anyway, this is adorable and beautiful and excellent and I can't believe that I didn't see this before and that I'm spazzing over this so much! Whew. ^.^ Anyway, time to :+favlove: this, it's excellent!
bayleef Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2004
Awwwwww! They look so cute anime style! And Happy new year to you too.
CommanderD Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2004  Hobbyist
Aaaaw, that is soooooo adorable. :+favlove: And I think I shall watch you too. You've got spiffy stuff. :)
liliy Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How sweet...I love how you did their hair...such a cute pose. ^_^
ferret-girl Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2004
Omigawd!! That's adorable!! You draw them so cool in anime style!! Agh, must fave it...X3
madlion8 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2004
I love that show, and this is cute! First time I've seen them in anime style like this.
DarkJaymz Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2004
they look so cute in anime style ^_^
Robo-Shark Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
How sweet! :aww: I looove it! Happy New Year! :hug:
psychocosmo Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2004
Awwww, thats sooo cute!! ^_^ They look so adoreable together how you draw them!! :D Happy New Year!! :)
Jenny-Jen Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2004  Student Writer
XD That's so adorable! X3 Happy New Year, Para! :dance:
im-with-no-name Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
That is so great. I love how you could make it your own and still make it Cosmo and Wanda.
sugargerbil Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2003
Ooh... VERY cool. Love the line detailing-- the color's nice and vivid, too, without becoming glaring.

I imagine a fairy-power puff of dust appearing seconds before this, with the word SHOUJO!! in it...
rukift Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2003
Oh, and by the way, the hair is spiffy too.
rukift Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2003
This is great! I luff the style.. they look cool!

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